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The Middle pt 2

she discovered that hurting herself didn't actually hurt when she rubbed her knuckles raw on the portable building at school. the special needs supervisor was so disgusted he completely refused anything to do with her again. it wasn't only because he was a homosexual who hated women and girls, but that is the conclusion SHE drew. soon thereafter she "acquired" a scalpel from science class and used it, along with india ink and food coloring, to tattoo a lightning bolt on her hand. She was so pleased with it until twenty minutes passed and the reality of what she did dawned on her. rushing to the bathroom, she washed the color out of her skin and when it healed, only a slight discoloration remained on a few parts, completely unnoticable to anyone but herself. a crush formed on a younger kid that summer when hanging out with a boy who lived on the same street as her grandparents. he had incredibly light blue eyes and very dark brown hair. they spent so much time in each others company that speculation began as to their relationship. even children gossip, sometimes more maliciously than adults. she and he denied their (obvious) fascination with each other, asserting that they would rather respecively kiss dogs than each other. that didn't stop her from saving a piece of gum she chewed that he had given her. it didn't stop him from seeking her out to smoke behind the dumpster of the drugstore. usually, they were accompanied by another kid and both were comfortable with the buffer. the only real problem she had with him as a person other than the fact that he was twelve